Nootricious: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Here are the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for our Nootricious Smoothie Pouches:

1. Q: What are Nootropics and what does Fuel Your Brain mean?
A: Nootropics in a simple description is brain food that interacts with neurotransmitters within your brain to think more clearly and more efficiently. Nootropics are not meant to scare you, but are simply brain food that allows you to optimize. Nootropics and more specifically our mushrooms being Lion's Mane and Shiitake that aid in cognitive enhancements in our nootropics smoothies.

2. Q: Are Nootricious ingredients entirely natural?
A: No fake anything. Absolutely zero artificial ingredients and most importantly, we grow our own mushrooms in a contlled environment on our farm in Georgia.

3. Q: Can I use Nootricious alongside other medications or supplements?
A: Absolutely! Nootricious products consist of only grass-fed ingredients without zero added or refined sugars. However, we recommend staying informed about your usual food allergies.

4. Q: What primary benefits can I expect from Nootricious?
A: Nootricious delivers potent, efficient nutrition swiftly and conveniently. We solely use eco-friendly ingredients and employ a patented production method that retains 100% nutrients in our foods, unlike conventional methods. With Nootricious, you always know what you're consuming. We believe in 100% transparency. 

5. Q: How does the Nootricious refund policy work?
A: We provide an absolute guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction! Whether it's resupplying your smoothie pouches or issuing a refund, we'll go to great lengths to rectify any issues!

6. Q: Will Nootricious contribute to mental clarity and focus?
A: Yes, indeed! As a lifestyle brand, Nootricious includes functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Shiitake in our pouches, which possess unique properties that can decrease brain inflammation, enhancing clarity and focus. However, we suggest incorporating other measures such as proper sleep and meditation for optimum mental health. 

7. Q: Can Nootricious substitute a balanced diet?
A: We advocate for Nootricious to complement, not replace, your balanced, nutritious meals. While our pouches are appetizing, we advise you to consume what we call "dopamine meals," or nourishing, balanced meals. Nootricious can be a beneficial addition to yogurt, fruits, oats, or other wholesome meals, acting as your "micro-meal."

8. Q: Is Nootricious appropriate for athletes and those interested in fitness?
A: Nootricious is ideally suited for the busy athlete seeking daily optimization. While our main consumer base comprises athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Nootricious offers benefits for all. Our goal is to form a supportive community for everyone, whether at the gym or in the office!

9. Q: Is Nootricious child-friendly?
A: Absolutely, yes! Research conclusively shows that dietary choices impact hormones, brain chemistry, and other biological functions in children. Nootropics, like those found in Nootricious, can aid children and adults with ADHD by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, which control attention, alertness, and energy. However, always consult with your primary care physician.

10. Q: How frequently should Nootricious smoothies be consumed?
A: Nootricious smoothies can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you prefer! Our customers often use our smoothie pouches as meal replacements or as low calorie, low carbrohydrate micro meals between more macro nutrient dense meals.

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