Nootricious Superfood Smoothie Pouches

Introducing the Nootricious Superfood Smoothie Pouch Variety Pack - the perfect blend of convenient nutrition and mind-boosting nootropics. Designed to nourish your body and brain, these snacks on the go offer you the superfood power without the hassle of cleanup or wasted time. Our Nootricious line features two distinctive superfood smoothies: the Drive Smoothie and the Rejuvenate Smoothie. They're specially crafted to energize your dynamic lifestyle and redefine the fitness and wellness standards of the contemporary athlete.

  • Drive Smoothie: Banana, Acai, and Oats
  • Rejuvenate Smoothie: Sweet Potatoe, Goji Berry, and Chai

Enjoy peak performance with a healthful, tasty twist!

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Exclusive Nootricious Cap: Limited Edition

Exclusive Nootricious Cap: Limited Edition

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