Behind the why.

It started with a journey after having children to become the most optimized version of me. I quickly found that it wasn't about me. It was about who I was serving. Which then turned into something I saw as a problem for most parents, after having kids, we decide that life becomes too hard with children and we give up on our athlete.

Settling for less than quality nutrition, exercise and most importantly sleep.

Our goal when we created the vision of Nootricious was to empower the working athlete, but more specifically, the mom and dad athlete, to not just maintain, but keep the body they were intended to have well into their later years.

Our mission is to provide you the working athlete the most optimized nutrition and empower you to become the best version of yourself so that your human experience thrives.

We're here for you. We're one of you and we want you to become the absolute most dominate version of you.

And you know what's so cool about that you get to define it.

So go and define you.

And become dominant.