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We just had an amazing guest on our podcast, Jake Nadermann. Jake’s an expert in proactive and reactive bodywork. The guy is a true legend in his field and we grabbed him to give you insight on how you can become the absolute most dominant you! What did we talk about? Everything from your best ability is availability to what shoes you should be wearing!
Here are our top takeaways and make sure you give the podcast a listen and a share!

3 Nuggets From Full-Fueled:

  1. Electrons Plus Therapy is similar to providing your body with a high-tech boost for healing and performance. By using a specialized device that transmits small electrical impulses throughout your body, it can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and expedite the healing process. It can be likened to a turbocharger that enhances your body's natural healing abilities. Many athletes rely on it for quicker recovery following intense workouts or injuries. It’s a must try for those looking to rejuvenate those cells! 

Maybe you need to consider it 😉

  1. If you feel a slight pain or discomfort, do not neglect it! Taking proactive measures against pain can help prevent more serious issues in the future. Lingering pains always, I mean always have a root cause concern. Identifying that earlier rather than later is the best policy! 

Your pain is trying to say 👆

  1. It's important to understand that your body's posture and movements can affect your performance. Proper alignment of your feet and hips is crucial to prevent injuries and enhance your performance on the golf course, the pickleball court and everything in between! 

    It’s a bit hard, but you must

2 Tips From Full-Fueled:

  1. Emphasize the importance of correct foot positioning and hip alignment to boost performance and minimize the chances of injury. Integrate exercises such as hip mobility drills and foot strengthening exercises into your regular routine. Check out our YouTube Channel @fullfueled where we explain proper stretching techniques! 

  1. Be open to exploring different healing techniques such as Electrons Plus Therapy. It might just be what you need to make a big impact on your health. Jake serves all of the greater Tampa Bay area!

    If you are looking for a provider near you check out the link here: https://www.electronsplus.com/providers

3 Ponder Prompts from Full-Fueled:

  1. Have I tried new therapies like Electrons Plus Therapy to improve recovery and performance?

  1. How do I handle discomfort during training? Do you have any nagging pains? If you’re in Tampa Bay, book an appointment today: Alessi Functional Health: Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation Clinic in Tampa, Florida

  1. Am I checking my foot and hip alignment regularly for better performance and fewer injuries? 

Keep up the hard work, champions! Your path to success is only beginning. Keep shining like the gold medalists you are meant to be!

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