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Hey everyone…Today, I’m going to change it up just a little! I want to share a story that's close to our hearts from our recent guest we had on the show Corey VanDorn—a story about overcoming, reinventing, and thriving. Corey’s early dreams in football and wrestling faced an unexpected twist, setting him on a path less traveled but rich with growth. We’ll throw a little Robert Frost into the mix as well!

Just as Corey was gearing up for a promising collegiate sports career, a change left him at a crossroads. The entire football coaching staff was fired before his freshman year began. While many might see this as a setback, Corey saw an opening—a chance to dive deeper into the art of wrestling (which he knew how hard it was going to be after being undefeated in high school) and begin to dabble in entrepreneurism.

Wrestling tested Corey's limits, physically and mentally. It's a demanding sport where the stakes are high, and injuries are part of the game. Corey faced not one, but two major knee injuries. Each was a moment of truth, a point where paths diverge and futures are forged. I love the quote by Robert Frost’s “Two Roads Diverged”. Corey has a decision to make on which road he was going to take…retreat into the comfort of what was or advance toward what could be.

He chose to push forward. To not just heal, but to transform. Corey didn't just return to form—he became a mentor and a freaking insanely jacked human who now coaches others on what it means to double down! He’s got an amazing story!

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We divulged into some nerdy topics like mass building, running and mindset. You won’t want to miss our latest with Corey VanDorn!

Tune into our latest Full-Fueled podcast episode to hear directly from Corey. Learn how you too can overcome life’s hurdles and build a stronger, more resilient you. We also delve into practical tips on staying injury-free and maintaining your vigor through the years.

And remember, if Corey’s journey resonates with you or sparks a thought, share it. Stories like his are the sparks that ignite our community’s spirit.

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