Finding Myself in Mexico: A Journey to Clarity

Sometimes, the hardest journeys lead to the most rewarding destinations. Today, I want to share a very personal experience from a few months back, one that profoundly impacted my perspective and recharged my spirit.

A while ago, I committed to a retreat called SoulFit, held in the picturesque settings of Mexico. This retreat was designed for Christian entrepreneurs to come together, share experiences, and grow spiritually. As the date approached, I found myself battling severe brain fog and a real slump in creativity. I confided in my wife that I didn’t feel right about going. I was telling myself that I wasn’t in the right headspace, that I didn’t deserve this break, and hadn’t worked hard enough to earn it.

Despite my reservations, I went—partly because it was already paid for and there was no backing out. What I discovered was something I didn’t even realize I was searching for: peace and a lot of clarity. It’s funny, isn’t it? How often the stories we tell ourselves are the very barriers that keep us from the breakthroughs we need?

This retreat taught me the immense power of intentional pause. By stepping away from the daily grind and immersing myself in a supportive environment, I was able to rewrite the misleading narratives I had been telling myself. I realized that I am indeed worthy, and that I deserve not just to live but to thrive abundantly.

So, here’s a little nudge for you: If you find yourself doubting, pausing, or feeling unworthy, maybe it’s time to take a step back. Consider taking a day or two just for yourself. Reflect, reset, and start scripting a new story—one where you recognize and embrace your worth.

You deserve an abundant life. Let’s not just dream about it; let’s actively pursue it. Live beyond limits!

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With renewed spirit and excitement,
Matthew Tack Founder