Journey to 200 Miles: My Preparation for the Coast to Coast Connector Bike Ride


Date: February 17th, 2023
Route: Titusville, FL to St. Petersburg, FL

Hello Everyone!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've committed to a new adventure: a 200-mile bike ride on the Coast to Coast connector, starting from Titusville, FL, and ending in St. Petersburg, FL. It's a big challenge, but I'm excited to embark on this journey. However, balancing this with my responsibilities as a business owner, husband, and father requires a well-thought-out plan. Here's how I'm preparing:

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🏠 Training at Home with Peloton
I've invested in a Peloton bike! This allows me to train efficiently at home, ensuring I'm always there for my family. It's crucial for me that my kids see their dad working towards a goal, setting an example of dedication and perseverance.

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❄️ Cold Plunges: Boosting Recovery
To enhance my recovery process, I've started doing cold plunges before and after workouts. This method has significantly improved my day-to-day recovery, keeping me fresh and ready for the next training session.

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🍲 Nutrition: Embracing Nootricious
Proper nutrition is key! I've been incorporating Nootricious into my rides and runs for quality carbohydrate loading. Depending on the day, my focus is on staying light yet energized.

💪 Peptides: The Game Changer
Lastly, I've added peptides to my regime for better recovery and an energy boost. I'll share more about these therapeutic peptides soon, but they've truly been a game changer in my preparation.

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I'd encourage you to step into a challenge for 2024. How are you going to be challenging yourself? Let us know!

We're here for you!

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