Achieve Success and Happiness

Have you ever seen Happy Gilmour?

“Happy, just go to your happy place.”

Most of us don’t get to experience our Happy Place because we don’t give our self the margin in life to experience it.

In fact, most execs we work with barely give themselves time to condition their bodies so that they can think clearly.

When we find them, they’ve pushed through unnecessary pain both mentally, physically and emotionally for years…

They’ve found themselves with a solid bank account and a few houses, but their health has diminished…

They’ve never found their happy place and they thought they knew where they were going, but it looks less fulfilling now.

Until they found their happy place…

 Here’s 3 ways you can find yours…

1. Set a bed time before 10pm and start waking up earlier.

2. Set the non-negotiable every day of 45 minutes of intense exercise.
(Make a plan)

3. Read more.
Get yourself in the word of God and other books that will force you to think creatively.

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Workout of the Week!

5 minute run (zone 2)

20 Kb Single Arm Swings (10 each arm)

20 Goblet Squats

20 KB Thrusters

30 push-ups

30 hallow core flutter kicks

3 rounds

Live Full-Fueled, Live Beyond Limits!

Matt Tack & Dr. Alfred Alessi